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The Brand

Born from the 80s Street Culture, CHEVIGNON - at that time a teenage icon -has evolved ever since. Today it draws on its revisited DNA with flight jackets, bomber jackets, teddys and down jackets, and lets its creativity soar when it comes to the male wardrobe.

Some things never change. A rare bird, Chevignon conceives and designs beautiful clothes in France that are made to last, with the motto: “what is beautiful stays beautiful”. The CHEVIGNON man, at ease in his era, combines appearance and casualness. A style which always has and always will remain unique and that symbolizes the rallying cry of the groups who see the city as their playground.

Far from the dictates of fashion, CHEVIGNON proposes an extensive wardrobe renewed every season, for the man who is comfortable with his choices and personality.

Chevignon, the real choice

  • ICON#01
    The Fly Jacket

    Immediate lift-off for leather-clad Chevignon Riders and Bikers, who make the city their new playground from the scrapyard to the car park, and from cafés to parties.

  • ICON#02
    The Cameraman

    Its legendary elegance suited to travel has made it the jacket of these eternal globe trotters who keep a vestige of the urban trials they devour in each pocket.

  • ICON#03
    The Down Jacket

    Always in a group, rarely a lone wolf, the contemporary Chevignon adventurer takes on the asphalt in a style that withstands and rehashes the tests of time without ever ageing

  • ICON#04
    The teddy

    Teddy Boys, Mods and College Boys mix up the eternal Chevignon uniform, which embodies modernity through the ages, with spirit and freedom.


Sunglasses or eyeglasses, the glasses by Chevignon license spans generations.


Chevignon Heritage or CONQUEST, the latest in the line, 2 generations of licensed fragrances, with botanical, transparent fougere and woody accents.

  • The Aviator

    It crossed the Atlantic with the airmail service just as it does the years with its timeless style.

  • The Bomber Jacket

    The legacy of the jackets worn by the pilots in the US Air Force, it is now worn by the new urban pilots.


    The Biker

    Rocker, Rider, Biker, each has their own equally contemporary leather jacket.

The Chevignon brand develops in line with 7 business models:

  • Wholly-owned stores
  • The chevignon.com website
  • Affiliated stores and websites
  • Shop in Shop concept in Department Stores
  • Multi-brand retailers
  • Digital market places
  • Licensed countries
  • ETIENNE MARCEL (4th arrondissement)
  • LE MARAIS (3rd)
  • COURBET (16th)

Designed in France, in Paris, the Chevignon collections express a “French Touch” that renders its image and its pieces both unique & iconic.


New Chevignon Store Concept

New shop in shop concept Galeries Lafayette - Paris Haussmann